ionic kyma A Unique Ionic Cymation from Theater of Diocaesarea (Uzuncaburç) in Rough Cilicia


  • Okan ÖZDEMİR


Diocaesarea, Theater, Ionic Cymation, Frieze, Rough Cilicia


The ancient city of Diocaesarea (Uzuncaburç) which is within the borders of the Eastern Rough Cilicia (Olba Region), draws attention with its Hellenistic, Roman and Late Antiquity ruins. Among these ruins, the theater is one of the few preserved examples in the city. The Monument can be dated precisely thanks to the inscription of scaenae. During the excavations conducted in 2017, several architectural blocks belonging to the scaenae of the theater, previously unknown, were unearthed. They present a rich picture with the architectural ornaments they carry, as well as gaining new data in the architecture of the especially Cilicia region and Asia Minor. In this study, the ionic cymation on a frieze piece obtained during excavations in the theater will be evaluated. Thanks to the “bead-and-reel” on the ionic cymation tongues, it appears as a unique ornament that has not been published before in Cilicia, Asia Minor and Syria. In this respect, it is understood that it differs from the ionic cymations used in buildings in other cities and a new style is used, and this is probably done by local workshops.